Protein Industries Canada is excited to partner with Bridge2Food to bring two exciting summits to Western Canada. The Summits bring together businesses with the goal to advance and accelerate innovation and change across the value chain. If you work in the food processing sector, plan to attend these exciting events to learn about the latest developments in the plant protein ingredient and food sectors.

Saskatoon Summit

The 12th Plant Protein Ingredients Summit, May 29-31 in Saskatoon is an opportunity for food processors or ingredient manufactures to hear from industry experts about the latest technologies and trends, while networking with businesses, researchers and organizations from around the world.

The Saskatoon summit is aimed at participants involved in raw materials, ingredients, research and technology. Many presenters and registrants will have research or innovation backgrounds.

Saskatoon will feature speakers from companies and institutions including Nestle, Roquette, Unilever, several universities, Pulse Canada, Protein Industries Canada (PIC), as well as smaller enterprises such as Oatdeal. A three-track structure lets registrants choose sessions in new plant-protein ingredients, new processing technology or new plant-protein applications.

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Calgary Summit

The 13th Plant Based Food Ingredients Summit, June 3-5 in Calgary is an event for food retailers and food companies to catch up on the latest consumer trends around plant-based foods.

Registrants will have a choice of three topic streams to choose from: new consumer trends, new retail and food service opportunities, and new category and brands innovations. Guest speakers include well-known researcher Dr. Temple Grandin, and representatives from Plant Based Foods of Canada, Beyond Meat and Quorn from the U.S., Gold & Green Foods of Finland, Restaurants Canada, and Protein Industries Canada.

The Calgary Summit is for any business interested in consumers, including retailers, food-service channels including restaurant chains, and food manufacturers making vegetarian burgers or dairy-free products.

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