Creating a Project

Protein Industries Canada will work with industry partners to create co-investment projects that have the potential to transform the agriculture and food production sector, allowing Canada to secure its position as a global leader in the production of plant-based products and co-products.

Projects must be aligned with the objectives of the Innovation Supercluster Initiative (ISI) and Protein Industries Canada. More information on objectives, eligible costs and the application process can be found in the Program Guide.

PIC will invest more than a $150 million into eligible projects over four years. The funding will be split 20/20/40/20 between the four pillars.

PIC will invest in projects that fall within one of our four main areas: Create, Grow, Make and Sell.

Projects can be both solicited and unsolicited.

PIC staff are available to support project consortia throughout the project proposal development process.

The project application process is made up of three parts:

  1. The Project Eligibility Questionnaire
  2. The Expression of Interest (EOI)
  3. The Project Proposal

Before you start, read through the Program Guide, and review the Project Eligibility Questionnaire. This outlines the eligibility requirements and information on the scoring of EOIs and Project Proposals.

Once you have reviewed these, give us a call to discuss your project, any support you may require and together we will work through the Expression of Interest process.

Expression of Interest

Protein Industries Canada will be accepting EOIs from September 1 through to September 13, 2019.

The EOI is the second stage of the application process. EOIs must be submitted in the template provided. There is a 10-page maximum page limit on EOIs.

The EOI is a very high-level, and brief proposal that identifies the members of the consortium, each of their contributions to the project, the challenge or opportunity to be addressed and the major activities that will be undertaken. It also identifies how it is aligned with the objectives of the ISI and Protein Industries Canada.

Project Proposal

Once an EOI has been approved it moves to a full Project Proposal. The time between an EOI being approved and submitting a Project Proposal is up to the project proponents. There is no set project intake cycle, so as soon as the Project Proposal is ready it can be submitted via the member portal on the Protein Industries Canada website. Once you reach the full Project Proposal phase, a financial check on every member of the consortium will be undertaken.

Proposals will be prepared using a template and will not exceed 40 pages. The proposal will provide information in greater detail than for the EOI. The Project Proposal templates are available on the member portal.

Eligible Projects

PIC will co-invest in collaborative consortia that leverage strengths, address gaps and incent innovation across the value chain.

Chosen projects will align to PIC’s four priority areas (create, grow, make and sell) and will demonstrate impact up or down the value stream.

PIC’s contribution, both in magnitude and in proportion, to an approved project will be determined by how, and the extent to which, project outcomes are aligned with its program areas and ISI themes, and the potential for transformation.

Eligibility Requirements

For a project to be considered for Supercluster funding, the following requirements must be met:

  • Be submitted by a consortium of at minimum two (2) PIC members, at least one of which is a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) as defined by Statistics Canada as a business with 499 or fewer employees and less than $50 million in gross revenues;
  • A consortium may include one academic or research institution. This is not mandatory, but is encouraged;
  • Two industry members are minimum for a consortium, but more are encouraged;
  • Each member of the consortium must contribute to the project in a meaningful way;
  • At least two members of the consortium must contribute financially to the project, investing in total together, at least 50 per cent of the total cost of the project. PIC generally will not fund projects at more than 50 per cent of eligible costs;
    • It will be up to the consortium members to determine the amount and nature of their respective contributions. The contribution of each consortium member does not need to be equal, but in total must make up at least 50 per cent of eligible project costs.
    • In-kind contributions from industry partners can account for up to 25 per cent of industry matching funds. In-kind contributions will be valued at fair market value;
  • All partners must be Canadian companies, or multi-national corporations who are legally entitled to do business in Canada with a significant Canadian business operation;
  • The project is aligned with the objectives of PIC and the Innovation Supercluster Initiative;
  • All Projects are required to pay a project management fee to PIC. This fee will be four per cent of the total project cost; and
  • The initiative is incremental to the regular business of the participating organizations; meaning that the project:
    • Is not approved nor in progress and that financial commitments to it are distinct from investments that would have otherwise occurred;
    • Would not be possible without the participation of consortium partners; and
    • Is new or would not be undertaken at the same scope or scale without the co-investment provided by the Supercluster.

Project Evaluation

Formal project evaluations take plate at both the Expression of Interest (EOI) and Project Proposal stages. Projects will be evaluated by the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Technology Officer, as well as independent technical experts with industry-recognized expertise in the Create, Grow, Make and Sell pillars, as well as a business expert.

EOIs will be evaluated within four weeks of the close of the window, and Project Proposals will be evaluated within four months, though every effort will be made to evaluate the proposals in a timely manner within the evaluation framework.

More details on the evaluation process can be found in the Program Guide.