Claiming Canada's Global Plant-based
Protein Opportunity

With world food demand both growing and changing, the need for plant-based ingredients continues to outpace supply. This has led to an innovation and production race amongst global agricultural leaders like never before.

Protein Industries Canada is working to help our country claim the global leadership position, and reap the extraordinary benefits that leadership provides. We’re already making progress in this area; our active projects are expected to strengthen Canada’s agrifood sector and economy, including through the following:

The creation of more than
New Jobs
The creation of more than
New Products
The creation of more than
New Processes
The creation of more than
new pieces of intellectual property
A reduction in environmental impact in
of said active projects

To achieve further opportunity requires all of the parties involved to embrace working together to build an entire industry and self-sustaining ecosystem that can produce returns for all far greater than what can be achieved alone.


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Building on our reputation

Canadian agriculture has a long history of global success. Whether it be our track-record for producing some of the world’s highest quality cereals, our creation and global expansion of the canola industry, or our reputation for adopting and championing the most progressive and strictest production and quality assurance practices, Canada has established itself as a true agricultural powerhouse.

Canada’s agricultural past paints a picture of an industry with the experience, expertise and underlying fundamentals required to achieve continued greatness for decades to come. Greatness that can and should include global leadership in plant-based proteins.

This is why Protein Industries Canada exists today. To achieve global plant-based protein leadership, Protein Industries Canada is focused on facilitating the evolution of the Canadian agriculture industry, growing our food processing strengths and diversifying our agrifood value chain, to allow for the creation of a self-sustaining protein ecosystem. And more importantly, Protein Industries Canada is here to ensure that the right companies, people, technology and resources are in place and working together toward the single unified goal of Canadian global protein leadership.

To date, the outcomes of our efforts provide proof that what we are doing is working. But this is just the beginning. Protein Industries Canada is only part of the plan and solution; the greatest successes will be achieved when all members of the Canadian protein industry do their part.

An industry that works collaboratively achieves more.

Our Future is Promising

Canada’s plant-based protein future is bright. We already know that by increasing our value-added processing by 20 per cent, we can add $12 billion per year to our economy. This can lead to:

for Canadians

As a part of Canadian agriculture and Canada’s agrifood value chain, you stand at the precipice of this opportunity. We hope you’ll join us in making it a reality. Together, we can create a stronger, more sustainable agrifood sector that leads the world in the production of plant-based ingredients.

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